Veronica Cooper is an actor and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in Boca Raton, Florida. Yes, people are from there.
Yes, she probably knows your grandparents.

She is goofy and introspective with a sharp, sardonic wit and is a nationally produced playwright.

When not performing or writing she supports anti-plastic pollution initiatives with a number of ocean conservancy organizations.
Plant mom. Slytherin house.





Cooper has a naturalistic quality onstage; she’s striking without stealing attention and has a wonderful, moving breakdown towards the end of the play. You root for her and she never becomes 'cloying' or even worse 'adorkable'. She’s sassy, brassy, and even though she’s unsure of what her future should be, she’s confident enough in herself that you believe she’ll get there soon. “ - The Arts Wire Weekly

"Don’t expect Disney cuteness and falsetto-voiced mice. In this version of “Cinderella,” the heroine would rather fly her own plane than waltz across the dance floor..." - The New York Times

“The most stellar aspect of Wake Up Call is undoubtedly how well the writing meshes with the chemistry of the actors. Cooper and Adam Thomas Smith’s dialogue so accurately captures the voice of this generation of characters that I felt like I was watching people I knew, worked with, and had gone to school with. Combine that with the truly wonderful performances by the cast and you end up with some of the most natural friendships and relationships I have seen on stage. ” - Theatre is Easy

“WAKE UP CALL, written and directed by Veronica Cooper and Adam Thomas Smith, is a hilarious semi-autobiographical account of the mischief and shenanigans that take place behind the scenes at a hotel on Christmas Eve. You may never look at the staff at a hotel the same way again.” - Broadway World

“[Storefront] is a swift, heartfelt angle on the break-up movie, with a sweet resolution and an even sweeter central performance from Veronica Cooper as Lauren.” - Watch This Space Mag

“What drew some of the biggest laughs of the night was Veronica Cooper’s THE BRIGHT SIDE OF KEURIG. …” - Athena Theatre’s “An Unseen Visitor” 

"After premiering on YouTube in May 2015, the first two episodes of the The Queens Project started to rack up views (the second episode now has over 1 million views)... With Season 2’s cliffhanger ending, fans will be happy to know that the stories of Ash and Gabe will continue. But, Season 3 will also be informed by the outpouring of love that the ensemble cast has been receiving." - Out.com

“… In addition to a colorful cast of characters, [Sharp Love, Sharp Kittens] pokes fun at the new class of Brooklyn hipster culture. Lotta laughs here.” - Wide Screen World

“Aaron Kheifets’ short film Jacked is a darkly funny romantic comedy about a sad sack and the woman who can’t wait to take advantage of him. It’s a straightforward premise, and humorous in the repetitious plight of weak-willed hero.” - Film Threat